03/08/2017 19:25
The download page was added.You can download the new product catalog.There are also units that can collaborate with the rheometer.
05/08/2015 14:27
We've posted the pamphlets of the product.  en-About Us
28/05/2015 10:10
We began accepting orders for the highfrequency viscoelasticity test. First of all to start with, about what you want to measure any material why not email us.
16/12/2014 10:51
We will finish the second phase in this month. We developed proto machine and some data was opened in japan rubber society. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have a interest to our technology, we wish effort to contribute for solving your subjects. 
14/08/2014 15:00
It is a summer of intense heat, but development is in progress steadily. It has parallel development as "Friction Evaluation Equipment" and "HighFrequency ViscoElasticity Evaluation Equipment", proto machine has been completed and went into the ripening phase . Thank you and if...
29/05/2014 14:55
We have celebrated the first anniversary of its founding on May 27. Thanks very much for those who had been involved in the launch. Charged period continues still, but because we will continue working towards ripening, deployment, thank you for your cooperation.
02/03/2014 12:54
The first fiscal year ended in December, We were able to start on the physical properties evaluation equipment full-scale development received the adoption of the grant. We had received the various cooperation such as advices in the development and in the application for the grant,...
03/02/2014 12:33
28.1.2014  We reported outlines of the research of high frequency viscoelasticity and friction evaluation technology ATM, printer, of the tire in the report meeting of a research subcommittee on the application process and flexible media handling technology (2) 3rd case...
04/01/2014 12:44
 6.1.2014   We set up Yokohama-lab in Yokohama city . I will promote technology development in a better space.
14/07/2013 09:15
For more guest, we have added English page.
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